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Multivariate / A/B Split Testing Services

Multivariate / A/B Split Testing Services

Test different elements of your web page with our A-B/Multivariate testing services

A/B tests means, Testing of one web page with different version of copy, image, CTA etc, against another web Copy, image, CTa. A/B testing is also knows as variety of testing, Which involves single element changes across multiple variations.

Top 3 Advantages of A/B Testing

  • Achieve more conversion rate
  • Required Low volume of traffic
  • Improve effectiveness of your landing page
There might be lot’s of loops hopes in your website but we will not changed all elements, we will just work over important elements which really effect on conversion rate optimization. Followings are some important factors for which we will work on.

Elements for which we will work.

  • Headline Test
  • Prime Image Test
  • Video Test
  • Forms Test
  • Call to Action (CTA) Test
  • Social Proof & Trust
  • While in case of multivariate testing, We refine pages which are already perform well. We will test different elements with different copies. The prime advantage of multivariate testing is, You can test more than one element across more than one version. So it will take less time to test high amount of elements in just short time. Following are some more advantages of MVT.

    Advantages of MVT

    • More test elements in short time
    • less chance to failures
    • comprehensive testing

    Advantages with ManveWeb Solutions.

    • expertise in eCommerce
    • Proven track record
    • Extensive experience in industry
    • Client oriented approach
    • Implement new designs and ideas
    If you are already spending good but not getting enough, Just take one step to contact us and we will make your website very effective.

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